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Everybody Deserves an Equal Chance

Building Confidence, Resilience and Self-Esteem
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  • Self Defence Classes Protecting the Community

  • Personal Coaching for All

  • Supporting Vulnerable Young people

  • Supporting Vulnerable Families


Young People Are our Priority

We are aware young people have different stories, and each one of them is an individual person. Often students struggle with mainstream school, larger classes, this can cause school issues, with lack of space or resources to give the time to each young person needed to find out what their issues are and help them communicate how they feel. 

Excel Education wants to work with schools in partnership, helping students and their families to release the potential inside. 

Young People We Work with and help build personal growth.

We work with a range of students looking at their emotional gaps in learning, from this we can help with the gaps and build strong emotional foundations to help them develop and thrive in life. 


School Refusers


Depression & Anxiety


Different Styles of Learning


Students with Low Self-Esteem

Mental Health Support for Young People & Adults

Young People We support and Develop

Mental Health

Students’ Wellbeing is so important – We have programmes to help students’ mental well being and give them the right tools to cope. 


People call them “the naughty kids” how about changing this to those who are misunderstood. We aim to communicate with the students and find out what anxieties are causing bad behaviour. 

Social Anxiety

Big groups, fear of bully, fear of not fitting in, all social anxieties we work with. Building confidence and resilience.

School Phobia

School Phobia, School Refusers, different names but the same results, students refusing to attend school, means they fall behind further and further, puts pressures on school staff. How about a temporary halfway house that gets results. 

Self Esteem

Every student who walks through our doors will be encouraged and confidence will increase. We work on how students see themselves and how they perceive others see them. Celebrating and recognising small wins.  


Sometimes students do not learn by sitting down and reading, what if we work with them in different ways that can’t be done in mainstream education. Help them feel apart of something and with clear goals to succeed. 

Our programmes

We have 6 Programmes we focus on delivering, with one of those programmes being “flexible” its the one that’s best for the student. 

Alternative provision:

Do you want to Increase a Students Attendance

School Refusers –

School Phobia

What makes students refuse to attend and how we work with them to change perceptions and improve involvement

Student groups with Low Self Esteem

Helping build a students

Building self esteem in young people

Created to take a young person through a programme of tools to help them look forward.

Students need a listening post - Mental Health Support

Helping Students with their

mental wellbeing

Teaching Students techniques to battle through their bad days and to accept them, and make the most out of good days.


One More Level of Support - Pre PRU

Flexible Programmes –

Mental Wellbeing Support for Students

Working with students who may be a little complex, need a programme to suit them. It’s what best for the child.

Catch Up Sessions

We have programmes covering English & Maths to help catch up on the important gaps which have been missing.

KS2 we have specific games for common exception words.
Ks3 we look at reading and understanding and so much more to help learn by play

Maths and English

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Excel Education?

Education and helping young people is what we do, with decades of experience across all staff whose number one priority is to help support our children. 
Knowledge is an abundance with EXCEL Martial Arts, successfully building confidence, resilience and personal growth in young people and adults for over a decade.

KRS Education has decades of knowledge with the most vulnerable of students and hard to reach families. Breaking down barriers to learning, knowing every child has a story, and once you understand the story you can start building foundations in the emotional gaps to learning.

How Do I Know what is the right programme?

If you’ve watched the videos and still unsure of the right programme, it’s probably the flexible programme needed, which means the child has some complex issues with which they need support. We always chat with the schools regards information on the student form we request. 

We will also talk with the parents and the child to find out more and what we can do to help and support them.  If in the first week it’s clear the programme needs changing we will do this. Its all about the student 

Do You Only Work With Students?

No, we work with students, teachers, and parents. We have plans to make sure access to what we do is for everyone.
We have access to various options to help all involved and in different elements of their lives, with upskilling and training as well as mental well-being, giving tools to target mental health and anxiety. 

On top of this is September 2021 we will be launching an amazing addition to all this. 

Do You Offer Ongoing Support Services?

Yes absolutely. Supporting afterwards is key, visiting students in schools, after school programmes and so much more. 

Do You have any guarantee?

With young people there are no guarantees, however, we offer a comprehensive reporting system for each student as an individual, each week every student will have a new report regards starting points and where we currently are, we look at end goals and successes. All this can be in the student’s folder to show all the work that’s been done, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and the impact it’s hard. 

Traditional meets modern at Excel Education

We have extensive knowledge of traditional learning methods, and we have a modern view per student. Our understanding of the battles our young people face in the modern era means we have a vast amount of tools to help each one individually. 


Learn by Play


Small Groups


One to Ones


Building Confidence


Specialist Staff