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Alternative Provision

A place that provides education for children who, because of exclusion, illness or other reasons, would not otherwise receive suitable education

Alternative provision:

Do you want to Increase a Students Attendance

School Refusers –

School Phobia

What makes students refuse to attend and how we work with them to change perceptions and improve involvement

Student groups with Low Self Esteem

Helping build a students

Building self esteem in young people

Created to take a young person through a programme of tools to help them look forward.

Students need a listening post - Mental Health Support

Helping Students with their

mental wellbeing

Teaching Students techniques to battle through their bad days and to accept them, and make the most out of good days.


One More Level of Support - Pre PRU

Flexible Programmes –

Mental Wellbeing Support for Students

Working with students who may be a little complex, need a programme to suit them. It’s what best for the child.

Alternative Provision Sheffield - Excel Education

What We Can Help You With

Our Approach to Students

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Flexible Student Alternative Provision

Our Programmes

1. Self Esteem

2. Mental Wellbeing

3. Building Confidence

4. English Support & Catchup

5. Maths Support & Catchup

6. PBL – (Project Based Learning)

7. Fitness & Nutrition

8. Pre-Pru (Unique system to support)

"Testimonials regarding what parents think about Excel and how they work with their children".

Excel You Have Excelled Yourself
Well, Excel you have excelled yourself. I would like to thank each and every one of you. You have made my home life an absolute pleasure once again. My son was becoming a handful and being a single parent I didn’t know what to do. I brought Dougie to Excel in September and I have to say he’s changed into a great kid once again. Thank you to all staff once again you are a credit to everyone. Keep up the good work guys xx

Keeley Kenny

Made my Son Very Confident
They have made my son very confident and comfortable. All the staff are amazing with him. He is a very shy boy and does not stick at things but since joining he has wanted to go every day, so thank you

Lauren Taylor

Went to the New Academy - WOW

Went to the new academy yesterday and just WOW. Really professional and great facilities. Really family-oriented and wonderful to see so many happy people. Definitely recommend it if you want to try martial arts or do fitness classes. The daytime classes are really convenient.

Sue Grayson


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