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Committed to supporting the community

Everyone deserves a chance for a better life, we will be running projects to make a positive on the community.

Self defence sheffield

Access Self-Defence build Confidence and Resilience at Excel Education & Self Improvement

Do you want to have control in your life?

Do you want to be able to support others less confident to gain confidence?

We are looking to offer self defence to the young and to adults.

Learn defence techniques and specially designed moves that will help you to feel confident, empowered and in control. 

  • Victims of Crime
  • School Staff CPD
  • After School Club for students

We want you to feel safe. We want you to be able to defend yourself, with the skills we teach you. We want you to leave our class feeling empowered and confident. We want your life back. 

Generating New Ideas.
Being Creative in our Mindset

Life-Changing: Building confidence in those who feel overwhelmed by life and want to press the reset button.

We will be going live with this shortly, life coaches are often out of reach for those who need one the most, we can offer educational courses, CV writing, interview support, and budgetary courses.