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In School Training - CPD

Teacher Support


Blended Learning Approach

Working with students and staff, to give them the resources and tools to support either themselves or others. Excel Education Staff working with groups of students or staff, or teaching staff to work with other staff or students. 

Our New E-learning Platform will continue support with our aftercare and learning modules.

Working Hard with Staff to give them the Tools and Resources to help young people and help Colleagues

A range of courses for schools, for staff training days, 1/2 days training and full days training. 


Student Support groups Courses


Staff Training - Support Students


Staff Lead Training - Supporting Staff


Staff Support groups Courses

Teacher Support

Staff Mental Health Support In Schools:

Working with staff on their wellbeing
Mindfulness, Anxiety, Body & Mind

Staff Development Course CPD – Building confidence, resilience and growth in young people

School Course for Staff

Training & Development

Best Practice working and listening with staff

Resources and Support for Staff

Course for supporting young people and development

Staff mental health support training